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News and Specials!

Well, the biggest news is the launch of our new website! 

  • We have been working on it for a while to make it as informative as possible. 

We will be keeping an eye on any glitches but you are more than welcome to give us your opinion so we can improve it even more.

  • We also have started our Instagram  page. You can start following us and email your pets' photos so we can have them there..

  • Another great feature that is now available is that our online store is up and running!

You can shop for flea and tick preventatives as well as request medication refills and shop for OTC products.

Remember many major online pharmacies can not guarantee their products. Most of them still are not legal and they get their supplies from shady sources. 

We will try to keep our pharmacy as up to date as possible as well as competitively priced since we do not physically need to keep these products on our shelves...

  • We will be letting you know about our promotions, and exciting news over here , so check back frequently 

Now we have added ultrasonography to our services.


Tierramesa Veterinary Clinic is investing for your pets' wellness. Now we can perform abdominal ultrasound when needed. It is a great diagnostic tool when physical state of the internal structures are a concern

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